TeamSpeak 3 – Disabling Channel On Join and On Disconnect Sounds

I recently started using TeamSpeak3 to connect with some other computer techs on the internet.  TeamSpeak is a voice chat system similar to what Skype does.  One feature that was making it hard for me to hear people was the On Join and On Disconnect sounds that would occur when someone joined or left the channel.  I did some testing and found the settings to disable them.

  1. Click Settings > Options
  2. Click Notifications on the left (Second from the bottom)
  3. Expand the Client option on the right.
  4. Expand Connection.
  5. Under Connection you will see CONNECTED and DISCONNECTED.  Uncheck “Current Channel…” in both sections.
  6. Click OK

Geek Advent Challenge

John Wilkerson has started a challenge called the Geek Advent Challenge.  In order to help him write more on his blogs, he has offered a challenge to write daily posts for the 25 days of advent.  I only became aware of this challenge on Dec. 4 so I have to create a few more posts to catch up.

I think I will the rules he set out.

  • Posts must be at least ~150 words (video posts excluded — see below)
  • Posts can be drafted and scheduled as needed
  • Posts are not restricted to “geek” topics
  • Video posts count but only 1 per week allowed

Not to difficult except for the fact that the only time I have to write is just before bed.  I also added one level of complexity.  I’m also doing this challenge on my after hours computer site at Will The Computer  On that site I will try to keep the posts tech related so as to keep with the theme of the site.  Computer repair, tech news, tech ideas, etc.

Hannah’s Solo

Hannah’s Solo