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Conifers are a vast and diverse group of plants spanning in size from giant forest trees to tiny miniatures. We specialize in dwarf, rare and unusual conifers used to accentuate a landscape as well as conifers for hedging. Miniature Conifers. The Yard, Garden & Patio Show (YGP) has so many great things to offer that, regrettably, I can’t mention them all. Wholesale Growers of Quality Conifers and Ornamental Shrubs Hari Nursery is a grower of quality field grown nursery stock. One of the most attractive conifers. Availability . And they are selling dwarf conifers, many from Iseli Nursery, one of the premier wholesale conifer growers in the country and perhaps the world. Genus . Name City/State This semi-dwarf, sub-alpine fir has a rounded, globe shape and is considered a slow grower, only growing to 30" X 30" in 10 years, then continuing to grow on to a muture size of 6' X 6'. Size in 10 Years . Decid./Evergr. Name . Conifer Garden. Comments. If you are a collector of Dwarf and Miniature Conifers, Rare Japanese Maples, Ginkgo, Sweet Gum, Beech .... we will be worth the drive! Find a nursery growing a selection of dwarf conifer selections. With the help of conifer expert and author Richard L. Bitner (Timber Press Pocket Guide to Conifers), we put together this Top 10 list of dwarf conifers, specifically with small space gardening in mind. Small trees for small spaces. These small evergreen cultivars are also named “dwarf mountain pines.” Dwarf Mugo pine is a compact tree that grows between 3 and 5 ft. (1 to 1.5 m) tall and has short compact branches. LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE!! A low maintenance addition to your landscape. Species Color . Oregon is known for its quality dwarf conifers. Dwarf Conifers. The garden also includes a variety of companion plants such as Japanese maples, Daphnes, heathers and heaths. SLIDESHOW . Maples. An outstanding dwarf conifer. The Mugo Pine ‘Mops’ is one of the dwarf cultivars of this evergreen conifer variety. They will eventually get larger in 20 or 30 years, but most stay fairly compact and are classified based on their growth rate and size at 10 years. The Conifer Garden, a great example of year-round interest, boasts one of the largest collections of dwarf and miniature conifers in the United States. Compact, upright growth habit. 10 Nurseries Carry This Plant: Listing Key. Dwarf Conifers 2. Please login or Register to leave a comment. Some are one-of-a-kinds and have been collected from around the world. Exposure . The ACS Conifer Reference Garden at the OG. not-featured. About. In the late 1990s volunteers, including many ACS members and nurseries in the region, started planting a 7/8th of an acre garden dedicated to dwarf and unusual conifer cultivars. Dwarf conifer mature slow growing small trees Japanese maple Oregon. In 2008, with the help of an ACS grant, an expansion plan was drawn up for the conifer garden that will triple its size. Bloom Time . Refined lemon-yellow foliage can take full sun in most locations. Mail Order Conifer Nursery of Dwarf and Miniature Conifers, Japanese Maples, Bonsai, and Fairy Garden Plants. HOME. Dwarf conifers provide an exciting array of color from the darkest greens through the brightest yellows, blues and even red tones in a very useful assortment of growth rates and textures. and 2 hours south of Seattle WA just a few miles off I-5. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. At Oregon Small Trees, we specialize in growing small trees for small spaces. But I wanted you to know that the Western Chapter of the American Conifer Society has a booth at YGP. Visitors welcome by appointment, call ahead (360) 425-0541 We also grow ornamental shrubs … Fragrance . Hardiness Zone . Dwarf Conifers 1. We are located about 40 minutes North of Portland OR. Show Only In-Stock. Growth Habit . Articles. Oregon Small Trees Nursery. Rating: No votes yet (Please login to add your rating.) Kigi Nursery 121 Noble Ridge Drive Kelso WA 98626

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