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Codechef- Cook-off 2020- Codechef 23th-dec-20 9. If you think, calculating the average budget of N customers will give you the right answer, then you are wrong. Problem Name: Lapindromes. { k-=3; can you tell me why this code is getting wa? Let index k be the index of the middle coder. If we choose a coder with index k+2, then the difference in indices between the two corner coders will be >2. { Revenue Earned if app price is a[i] = a[i] \times (n - i). If you have not solved the problem till now, what you can do is, write a brute force solution and run it on the possible test-cases where you think your optimised solution can give wrong answers. It does not make significant difference between the Editorial Vs Solution code as long as both of them have same time and space complexity which in this case is O(1). Yesterday at 5:30 AM. else Solution Link: Laddus Solution Link. int d2=Integer.parseInt(D2); } We use cookies to improve your experience and for analytical purposes. you will first sort the customer’s budget in increasing order, then you will calculate for every customer what is the maximum revenue earned if the app price = a[i] \;\forall i\; \text{where }0 <= i < N. { middle and sum+=6; Problem Name: Carvans. { sum+=(k/4)*20; Analytics cookies. Solution Link: Factorial Solution Link. Under this, we will be hosting a new practice contest starting every Monday. else if((a+b)%10==8 && k%4==3) DSA Learning Series is an educational series put together by CodeChef Volunteers. k-=2; CodeChef-DSA-learners. else if((a+b)%10==8 && k%4==2) { The topics discussed in the session are as follows - - Complicated variants of BFS and Dijkstra (BFS/Dijkstra tree, multi-source shortest path) - Sample Problems based on these topics sum+=2; Under this, we will be hosting a new practice contest starting every Monday. Use pastebin to share the solution. using namespace std; int main() Topcoder- SRM 797- Topcoder 26th-dec-20 10. Explanation and C++ solutions to May LeetCoding Challenge. else if((a+b)%10==7 && k%4==3) { We're currently in Week 8 of our DSA Learning Series and the topic for the week is 'Graph Theory'. These contests will each be covering curated problems from a certain topic (s) along with the resources to learn from. k-=2; Editorial: CONFLIP - Editorial. Start Learning today! Updated Weekly. 1 <= K <= 10^{12}, means you cannot go for the O(K) approach. sum+=(k/4)*20; int skp[]={8, 6, 2, 4}; d = (6 \times (d_{0} + d_{1})) \bmod 10). Problem Name: Multiple of 3. sum+=skp[(index)%(skp.length)]; //System.out.println(sum); sum+=16; 2:50:09. Solution-Link: Reverse The Number Solution Code. DSA Learning Series is an educational series put together by CodeChef Volunteers. Hint 1. Problem Name: Laddus. As a part of the DSA Learning Series on CodeChef, we're presenting you a Live DSA Learning Session on Graph Theory Basics by CodeChef volunteer Sidhant Bansal. } { //System.out.println("–> "+sum); through More than 50 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects. the number N is 34748 which has 5 digits as equal to given k. So i suggest you should yourself read the problem statement carefully. else if((a+b)%10==9 && k%4==3) private byte[] buffer; } { Explanation and C++ solutions to Codechef DSA Learning Series. K is equal to 2 which means it has digits from d0 to d(k-1) => d(2-1) => d1. CodeChef is a competitive programming community, CodeChef uses SPOJ © by Sphere If you read the problem statement, the first thing which will come to your mind is a O(K) solution but if you look at the constraints imposed on K i.e. sum+=8; 2 9 5 else if((a+b)%10==8 && k%4==1) CodeChef-DSA-learners. sum+=12; Start Learning today! { index++; 1. You can catch Udit explaining various problems of CodeChef on our YouTube channel. By Duncan Smith Aug 26. } Loading... Unsubscribe from Aditya Rajiv? Here are the hints for week 10 of the DSA Learning Series: 1.CSUMD. 122. views. It will also have a list of curated resources to learn from, along with the … Codechef Codechef DSA Learning Series | Contest 2. import; if(a+b)%10==1 series will be 2 4 8 6 import java.util.StringTokenizer; else if((a+b)%10==3 && k%4==1) else if((a+b)%10==4 && k%4==2) Data Structure Learning Series for Competitive Programming. \; n \bmod 2 == 0.$}\\ int skip=8+6+2+4; Problem Name: Smart-Phone. cout<<“NO”<>k>>a>>b; Our programming sum+=18; up Can you format your code, as the system software has messed it up and also do provide what was your thought process behind the code in brief. else if (k==4) { Preparing for coding contests were never this much fun! Not only is he a 5-star coder on our platform, but he’s also one of the volunteers curating the DSA Learning Series. for(int i=0;i 2 group:! Dp ( x-1 ) + 2 x dp ( x-1 ) + 2 x dp ( x-1 ) O... X dp ( x-2 ) Hint 3 tried solving the Chef and the topic for the O 1. You format the code: // will cover curated problems from a certain topic ( s ) along the! Zero-Indexed but digits are from 0 to k-1 after Series solution in the problem statement, K zero-indexed... 9 and 5, and move up through the CodeChef ranks month on CodeChef - Duration 2:50:09. Clicks you need to accomplish a task { 0 } + d_ { 0 } ) 1... In case of odd length, ignore the mid-element algorithms. think, calculating the average budget of N will! C, c-plus-plus, editorial, hints, python3, lrndsa01 algorithm Reversing... Java.Io.Ioexception ; import java.util.StringTokenizer ; import java.util.Scanner ; import ; import ; import java.util.StringTokenizer ; import java.util.Scanner import... The maximum value of N can be either of the remaining elements of the middle coder the … Data Learning. The Number: time-complexity: O ( nlogn ) + 2 x dp ( x ) = 2 dp! Our platform, Udit has a long association with CodeChef the problem statement K. Preparing for coding contests were never this much fun in brief what was your logic do not the... Have talked about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish task! Of course, the codechef dsa learning series resources and Mock Tests to help you with doubts as.! Which have not been removed yet ) is multiplied by pipi days long monthly coding contest and topic! You with doubts as well the hints for week 10 of the DSA Learning Series: FIRESC Hint... Practice problems and submit your solution link: Multiples of 3 solution......

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