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Macy's has always boasted an impressive men's department, and their formal wear is no exception. The definition of boast means to brag about oneself or have something. 🔊 It was difficult to listen to her boast about her new job when I had just been laid off. ‘His favourite ploy was a backhand boast pulling Beachill to the front right corner and whatever Beachill did with that tight ball, Parke was ready.’ So each one boasted of his skill in doing some sort of labor. Alexander M`Leod boasted in November 1840 that he was one of a Canadian party who, on the 29th of December 1837, had captured and burned a small American steamboat, the "Caroline," and in the course of the attack had shot Amos Durfee. Among others, it boasted a spyware-free program (something LimeWire users can't really count on). This city boasted a remarkable landscape. A particular concern was the threat of torpedoes, which Germany had boasted would dispose of the British fleet, and the numerous French torpedo boats. This handbag, labeled the 2.55 model, boasted a delicate quilt pattern crafted with petersham and a jersey lining. 107. Cicero afterwards boasted openly that he had thrown dust in the eyes of the jury (Quintilian, Instil. Natalie White initially boasted about how her life had not changed much after winning Survivor: Samoa, but it was not long before she began busying herself with pubic speaking engagements and other appearances. That's nothing to boast about. “I've sold more paintings than you ever will,” the artist boasted. He never boasted of our connection. Of course, curled looks aren't the only style boasted by cheerleading hair pieces. Learn more. Example Sentences for "boast" The westcoast city of Victoria boasts the mildest climate in CanadaTodd angered his teammates by boasting that he was the best player on the team, and that they would lose their games without him. He plays the lyre at the banquets of the gods, and causes Marsyas to be flayed alive because he had boasted of his superior skill in playing the flute, and the ears of Midas to grow long because he had declared in favour of Pan, who contended that the flute was a better instrument than Apollo's favourite, the lyre. American Fidelity Assurance Company has boasted this high rating consistently for over a decade. After the company achieved success, it went through several ownership and name changes while still producing an exquisite Gruen wristwatch line that boasted innovative features and technology. At a farmers' market I recently visited, one vendor boasted that all his chickens retained their dignity throughout their life. 2. It is worth noting that these shelters have never boasted a canopy valance. This man, who wore a velveteen coat and one Wellington boot, For Hazel Fredericks had two merely for household purposes and the billman's house, The man known as Leoncino was believed to be a son of the famous leone, and, It seemed to me that a rate-collector, presenting a demand note, could have, Traces of the French descent which the widow, He reflected that mort had shouldered him aside and won her favor, then, Then he bent his mind to the consideration of jails, of which Samoa, His eye fell on a small fishing schooner at the end of the wharf, the only boat of seagoing size that the place, His ancestress Asenath, the wife of Joseph, had been an Egyptian and he had, Our homestead not only had a cabin, but it. His Timocrate boasted of the longest run (80 nights) recorded of any play in the century. Right up to the 1950s their boasted efficiency remained more rhetorical than real. For Hazel Fredericks had two merely for household purposes and the billman's house boasted of four … At a farmers' market I recently visited, one vendor boasted that all his chickens "retained their dignity throughout their life." : He had never had so golden an opportunity to down a boaster. The supercilious man boasted about his salary, knowing that he was much wealthier than those around him. : Captain Barclay could not tolerate a boaster or puppy in any shape. Such defensive armament as she had boasted in the Atlantic was properly stowed away below. He won't boast about his firm's sensational performance. Use "boasted" in a sentence. Boasted of his vise president thrall or even to. 2. 82. It wasn't so long ago that dresses in extended sizes resembled tents and boasted unappealing, questionable patterns that few women would ever dream of wearing. Boasted Meaning in Hindi. Even the lavatory, a vestibule to the refectory through which the novices would pass on their way to the recreation room, A BRAGGING rapper who was cleared of murdering a Scots dad and, Duly married, the couple lived for some time in peace and contentment, until one day Marko, A particular concern was the threat of torpedoes, which Germany had, Cyclists entered from Ashington and North Shields while Newcastle, I chose the latter, on account of the beau monde which the soldier had, But he would prove to them that he was stedfast, and that he had. He began his lectures at Basel by burning the books of Avicenna and others; he afterwards boasted of having read no books for ten years; he protested that his shoe-buckles were more learned than Galen and Avicenna. Roger Ryan, a small time gangster, boasted that his suits cost more than $ 500.00. The room reviewed, overlooking a quiet street, As the Dish noted recently, country music once, A majority shareholder of the Romanian club, But the home side can look back with pride on a performance that, In the 1750 to 1850 era, Whig aristocrats in England, By the time of the general elections in 1950 and 1951, Labour seldom, By 1865, the population of Portarlington had passed 200, and the town, Although a fraction of what it used to be remains, Caen once, Much like the seaport of Guangzhou in the south, Yangzhou, But last week during a debate about immigration in the Crawdaddy club in Dublin he openly, The party at The Belasco for Elton John's partner, Dedicated to testing knowledge experimentally, the Lyncean Academy, Lemonade was poured into glasses and the meal was toasted. The earliest trace of such contests is to be found in the story of Thamyris, the Thracian singer, who boasted that he could conquer even the Muses in song (Il. boast in a sentence. Boast definition, to speak with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself. An example of boast is a sales person gloating about how many sales they made in a month. As of August 2008, Windows Live Spaces boasted more than 120 million registered users globally. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB She had boasted to him once of having learned to smoke at school. to speak with pride (often followed by of): He boasted of his family's wealth. A great temple at Tanis boasted a larger colossus than existed in Thebes: Heliopolis and Memphis must have been lavishly adorned, and the temples of Abu Simbel alone would have been sufficient to satisfy the ambition of many of the great Pharaohs. Their seminary in Amsterdam has boasted of many distinguished names - Curcellaeus, Limborch, Wetstein, Le Clerc; and their liberal school of theology, which naturally grew more liberal and even rationalistic, reacted powerfully on the state church and on other Christian denominations. Sentence Examples for boasted. 5. At a farmers' market I recently visited, one vendor boasted that all his chickens "retained their dignity throughout their life.". It was found that, instead of containing nearly 6,000,000 signatures, as its originators had boasted, less than 2,000,000 names were attached to it. Crossover vehicles also boasted the ride, drive, and feel of a car instead of an SUV or truck. Jack did not feel the need to boast about his success. Among their other friends they boasted of the delightful excursions into the literary circle which the intimacy afforded them. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. How to use boasted in a sentence is shown in this page. He shared fully in the eccentric family pride; and boasted of his brother's genius even when bitterly opposing him. 4 8 General Hospital (GH) focuses on several families over the years, most of whom boasted doctors in their family trees. It was derived directly from the times of primitive Christianity; from the Saviour himself and his disciples and friends, with whom they claimed to be connected by a secret tradition, or else from later prophets, of whom many sects boasted. All the officers of administration were transferred from Murshidabad to Calcutta, which Hastings boasted at this early date that he would make the first city in Asia. The island of Griend (or Grind) once boasted a walled town, which was destroyed by flood at the end of the 13th century. Makowsky with the goal of creating handbags that boasted the same luxurious qualities as the big names - without the exorbitant price tags. He read little, and often boasted that he would have known as little as other men if he had read as much. This man, who wore a velveteen coat and one Wellington boot, boasted the historical name of Colonna. At the close of the first day's bombardment of Fort Sumter (April 12th, 1861) Leroy P. Walker (1817-1884), the Confederate Secretary of War, boasted that before the 1st of May the Confederate flag would float over the Capitol. Like other mid 20th century timepieces, the first ladies Accurist gold watches boasted Swiss construction combined with an avant-garde style. Yes, in 1977, Star Wars boasted no roman numeral, no 'A New Hope' subtitle; it stood alone. Find all of the relevant Hindi meanings of Boast below. The militant tendency once boasted the largest number of adherents of any far left group in Britain. Had Nabonidus been descended from Nebuchadrezzar he could hardly have failed in his records, which we possess, to have boasted of such a connexion with the greatest Babylonian monarch; yet in none of his inscriptions does he trace his descent beyond his father. 4. use "boast" in a sentence. Men who boast that they neither drink nor smoke. The Crystal Mountain ski resort boasted the proud distinction of being rated the best ski resort in the Midwest by Ski Magazine's 2005 Top 60 Resort Guide. While OLTL has never boasted a true super couple like other shows on television, it has without a doubt created some of the most memorable pairings. Meaning of boasted. 'This is America at home,' Moran. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. Buy right now boasted of his fish the anxiety cdi's flagship racetrack. Definition of boasted in the dictionary. Information and translations of boasted in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … The car boasted a lightweight fiberglass body beneath the stainless steel exterior. The series also boasted a tie-in novel written by Davies. 6 Check the meaning of boasted. He likes to boast of his success. boasted definition: 1. past simple and past participle of boast 2. to speak too proudly or happily about what you have…. It was reported that in Las Vegas he met a Texan oilman who boasted that he was worth $ 60m. Thus the slaves boasted of their master. (10) She had never boasted either beauty or cleverness. boast. A Roman Catholic could not well have boasted, as Stevinus in a political pamphlet did, that he had always been in harmony with the executive power. ... [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples [+ object] He liked to boast that he was the richest man in town. During the 80s, Hughes boasted very long hair that was ultra-feminine, a contrast to her very strong, forthright and tough character. The petite dynamo boasted a quintessential early 1980s 'do back in those days, punctuated by a cloud of curls and thick bangs cut in a slight bowl shape. Besides Themison, its systematic founder, the school boasted many physicians eminent in their day, among whom Thessalus of Tralles, a halfeducated and boastful pretender, was one of the most popular. I conclude that there is nothing there to boast of. 3. boasted example sentences. The label's initial interest was a collection of jeans that boasted the perfect fit for the natural curves of a woman's figure. Their marriage in 1981 boasted the highest ratings ever of a daytime serial. Never boast of your achievements. The few English strongholds left in Wales were now hard pressed, and Owen boasted that he would meet his enemy in the field. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Boast" in Example Sentences Page 1. CK 67731 Don't boast too much about that. He himself once boasted that sixteen of the bishops who then occupied the bench had been birched with his "little rod.". Buy right now boasted of his fish the anxiety cdi 's flagship racetrack. How To Use Boasted In A Sentence? 2266085 He boasted of his courage. These "balanced" formulas may be heavily processed and the vitamin and mineral content boasted on the nutrition labels largely rely on artificially inserted nutrients that compensate for the high amounts of processing. The boast of arrogance soon turns to shame. They do not represent the opinions of It is furbished or mended, displayed to others, Among the many industries the higgledy-piggledy Shop, I hated the way in which he used to talk of his future conquests of women, and, I account that man more honorable than that great captain of antiquity who, They made boilers, winches and windlasses and, It gave them pleasure to believe this, for Scully stood as the people's man, and, She and the Mosebachs had gone tobogganing on the only hill that Pomerania, When humans began domesticating wheat sometime around 7500 BC, they most often selected plants that, He was worked up to forget the fiendish prudence he, The Paris shootout has undermined the peace of mind and harmony that Europe, About marriage and the law of happiness in that blessed estate, they, As to the moral part of his character, the depth of his talent for accounts, and his ingenuity in making sterility itself productive, were much. She boasted of having won five games in a row. Orton Hippisley might have boasted of kisses he did not get, but not of the slaps that he did. forewarned of the attack when a German army officer boasted about the attack to a lady in Belgrade. Harris, Elizabeth TIME OF THE WOLF (2001) Example sentences from Collins dictionaries. He once boasted he had shot a white rook and later found it was one of his own chickens. The High Street once boasted sixteen inns as Yarm was one of the most important coaching stops on the north-south route. 3. Pericles likewise is responsible for the epoch-making splendour of Attic art in his time, for had he not so fully appreciated and given such free scope to the genius of Pheidias, Athens would hardly have witnessed the raising of the Parthenon and other glorious structures, and Attic art could not have boasted a legion of first-rate sculptors of whom Alcamenes, Agoracritus and Paeonius are only the chief names. (in squash) a stroke in which the ball is made to hit one of the sidewalls before hitting the front wall. This view was common among the Greeks, who boasted of being autochthonous. boasted is past participle & past tense form of boast boasting (present participle) - boasts (3rd person singular present) - boasted (past participle) - boasted (past tense) Talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one's achievements, possessions, or abilities It boasted two championship mini-golf courses, go-karting and batting cages. The Clairol lighted makeup mirrors were designed in the "True to Light" series that boasted excellent lighting capabilities. Boasted; Boasting; Boasts; Boast (base) A negro who had boasted of rape had. Examples of boast in a sentence: 1. The series boasted many familiar faces from soap operas past and present including Marcy Walker, A Martinez, Nancy Grahn, Gordon Thompson, Robin Wright Penn, Justin Deas, Sydney Penny, Kim Zimmer, Lane Davies and Robin Mattson. Word forms: boasts, boasting, boasted 1. transitive verb/intransitive verb If someone boasts about something that they have done or that they own, they talk about it very proudly, in a way that other people may find irritating or offensive. The once highest-paid actor on television boasted a $2 million paycheck-per episode of Two and a Half Men. boasted meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of boast 2. to speak too proudly or happily about what you have…. The suspect was arrested after boasting to an undercover policeman that he had taken part in a murder. Learn more. In the first volume, anticipating an obvious complaint, he had protested against digressions that left the main work to stand still, and had boasted - not without justice in a Shandean sense - that he had reconciled digressive motion with progressive. boasted in a sentence He has always boasted of his son. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions) The swing also boast of the QuietWhisper technology which allows your baby to enjoy swinging without the noise from the swinging motor. None shall be able to boast that he has betrayed me. They boasted to their friends about their son's salary. Boast meaning in Hindi is . The westcoast city of Victoria boasts the mildest climate in Canada. The priesthoods of Shiloh and Dan could boast of an illustrious origin (I Sam. From these treatises we learn that the adherents of the new prophecy were very numerous in Phrygia, Asia and Galatia (Ancyra), that they had tried to defend themselves in writing from the charges brought against them (by Miltiades), that they possessed a fully developed independent organization, that they boasted of many martyrs, and that they were still formidable to the Church in Asia Minor. 🔊 Enriched by these, the countess was able to take an honourable place in society, and many persons believed her relations with Marie Antoinette, of which she boasted openly and unreservedly, to be genuine. Offender who boasted of suspended sentence is sent to jail. The academy which boasts of 6,000 to 8,000 voting members are most likely to get swayed by the national mood in the US. Carol boasted about her new job. _undertoad 298882 He boasted about his skills. Cassiopeia, having boasted herself equal in beauty to the Nereids, drew down the vengeance of Poseidon, who sent an inundation on the land and a sea-monster which destroyed man and beast. FSU has boasted a strong Greek community of fraternities and sororities on campus since 1931, when Iota Alpha Sigma was established. 2. We were offended by his boast that he would easily beat us. Some people boast about their own qualities all the time, and do not listen to others. I even boasted of her honesty as an excuse for my keeping her, nuisance as she was. We must not boast of our qualities. See more. 2 This specimen had been given to Canning (a tribute, perhaps, to the statesman who boasted that he had "called a New World into existence to redress the balance of the Old") by Mr Schenley, a diplomatist, and was then thought to be unique in Europe; but, apart from those which had reached Spain, where they lay neglected and undescribed, James Wilson says (Illustr. Examples of Boast in a sentence I didn’t want to boast, but I did exceptionally well on my college entrance exam. 3. You can also check the meaning of Hindi words in English from Hindi to English dictionary. 322. It's stupid to boast about yourself. Even the boasted Bay of Naples would be but a poor pond alongside that noble sheet of water, far-stretching before our eyes. Soon afterwards at Memel he entered into a close alliance with Prussia, not as he boasted from motives of policy, but in the spirit of true chivalry, out of friendship for the young king Frederick William and his beautiful wife.

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