Geek Advent Challenge

John Wilkerson has started a challenge called the Geek Advent Challenge.  In order to help him write more on his blogs, he has offered a challenge to write daily posts for the 25 days of advent.  I only became aware of this challenge on Dec. 4 so I have to create a few more posts to catch up.

I think I will the rules he set out.

  • Posts must be at least ~150 words (video posts excluded — see below)
  • Posts can be drafted and scheduled as needed
  • Posts are not restricted to “geek” topics
  • Video posts count but only 1 per week allowed

Not to difficult except for the fact that the only time I have to write is just before bed.  I also added one level of complexity.  I’m also doing this challenge on my after hours computer site at Will The Computer  On that site I will try to keep the posts tech related so as to keep with the theme of the site.  Computer repair, tech news, tech ideas, etc.

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