Getting Started With Internet Marketing

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Have you ever wondered how you get started with Internet Marketing?  Well, you could shell out $2000+ for any of the online courses.  Or you could search for some of the $47 ebooks and hope that it will help you out since you can’t skim through it ahead of purchasing.

Or you could look for some of the master Internet Marketers and find out what they are doing.

In recent months I signed up for any list that any Internet Marketer had on their site.  I wanted as much information about this process as possible.  One interesting fact though.  Most of these Internet Marketers seem to be selling products that teach you how to do it, but, as with the ebooks, don’t let you see a bit of how and what it is they do.  There are a few exceptions.  Today I’ll talk about one that I followed around the past couple of weeks.

Howie Schwartz, who is most known for his Howie’s Apprentice program.

In July 2009, Howie created a challenge called IM Remarkable.  It is hosted at  Sign up on the list and you will get access to a PDF on Niche Sites.  Make a comment on the very first post (at the bottom of the main blog page) and you will get an addition 10 niche sites in a nice, and neat PDF.

The IM Remarkable Challenge is what I am going to start this weekend coming.  In 10 days, Howie’s program had people doing crazy Internet Marketing.  Again, this is FREE (as in free soda) information to you.  He is giving tips on Keyword Research, Narrowing Your Market, and other tips to get you started.

I gain nothing from having you sign up here as the main program is currently closed.  So go for it.  Try out Howie’s IM Remarkable, and leave a comment here if you start it.  It doesn’t matter what year you find this post.  I found Howie’s post almost a year past when he started the program.

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