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• Pay with a credit card. packages and/or complimentary items never provided. packages, which as alleged in the State’s new lawsuit, turned I HAVE ALREADY REACHED OUT TO FLORIDA EXCHANGE WHO STATED THERE'S NO ACCT. All Rights Reserved. The deal sounded too good to be true. Criminal Justice Director Stephen J. Taylor said Turner was arrested at his home and charged with second degree theft by deception. Better Business Bureau when, in fact, the company had lost its So definitely a travel club membership fee for a year is a far better deal than paying one-time to a travel agent. You get access to travel deals and the chance to build points in a loyalty program. “According to our lawsuit, the defendants lured consumers into purchasing memberships through empty promises of discounted vacation services and free cruises and airfare, all with the purpose of defrauding consumers and enriching themselves,” said Thomas R. Calcagni, Director of the State Division of Consumer Affairs. Don't do business with companies that make you feel uneasy or rushed. companies opened credit cards in their names without permission. I looked on the internet myself at the Comfort Suite site and could book the same room for the same price. Cosco offers two different types of membership plans. I was suckered into a scam. As a Midcounties Co-operative member, we reward you with fantastic holiday experiences and memories that stay with you forever. Brand-Specific RV Clubs. With membership in this club you’ll have access to all five of the Ritz-Carlton Club locations in the United States and the Caribbean, as well as 50 Marriott Vacation Club Resorts worldwide, and additional adventure and specialty travel options like safaris, wine tours, and cruises. Just called and the reservations are still good as of 1/16/18. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "DONT FALL FOR THE "RUSH FOR GREAT DEAL" IT'S NOT! The vacation club was named Water Blue and the fee to join was over $4,000 which wiped out our savings but we thought would pay off in the long run (great future vacations, which we had not had in a long time, at hardly no cost). written promotions, oral presentations, and the companies’ The owners scam is to charge your credit card and even if you cancel the contract legally, he does not give you a refund! Club Travel reviews, customer feedback & support. “We’ve reached a settlement that immediately puts an end to Mr. Turner’s business activities and prevents him from offering vacation travel club memberships and services here for at least five years, Attorney General Paula T. Dow said. Stay clear of Branson Excursions also. Review #1005490 is a subjective opinion of poster. 2. Customers also complained they were pressured to pay to join the You can find women-only, high adventure and other themed tours quite easily, either through a travel agent or online. You may be able to find better deals with a local, reputable travel agent. This is your one stop travel shop. Unsubscribe at any time. The process was familiar because the state sued Turner and his According to a lawsuit filed by the New Jersey Attorney General in 2009, defendants Daryl T. Turner, 39, of Cherry Hill, and his vacation travel companies took payments from numerous consumers and then repeatedly failed to provide the contracted-for travel packages, or refund the money. We paid $3595. the clubs make terminating a membership extremely difficult. The state's enforcement action reveals those claims were false and thus unlawful, and that Sealand is an unincorporated shell company existing in name only. Will never trust another! Company, as well as VIP Executives, LLC, with violating the New Among the defendants charged with legal violations were company principals Adrian D. Miller, William H. Bailey and Christy Spensberger. This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Contact Vacation Travel Club Customer Service. Other times, you will be able to save money by booking your own flights and hotel reservations through the Internet or telephone. What the heck?? In May, 2010 the companies agreed to reimburse within 30 days “Rather than getting away on a vacation, these consumers ended up stuck at home, dealing with the loss of their hard-earned money.”. Travel Membership Club, LLC. Benefits include access to Voluntours, travel … Victims received advertisements for sales seminars that featured images of various commercial cruise ships. yes we're in also! I called your reps today to see what my payoff is. SCAM COMPANY** FREEDOM GETAWAYS/ FREEDOM SOLUTIONS, Compare Vacation Travel Club vs Casablanca Express, If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. IN MY NAME. As a new Travel Club 360 member you will receive a complementary 2 night vacation certificate good at any of our 5,000 destinations world wide. You may check your account at any time to see how much you have saved. Police have arrested the owner of numerous New Jersey vacation travel companies with a long history of consumer complaints. Costco Membership Plans. “Instead, he ruthlessly stole the money they had set aside for their vacations. provided and in fact carried fees, engage in high pressure sales techniques such as substantial 87 likes. “Turner carried out one fraudulent scheme after another, stealing from hundreds of unsuspecting customers who thought he would make traveling more affordable for them,” Hoffman said. Once at the seminars, consumers were allegedly told they would never have to pay retail price for travel again if they joined the travel club. The state’s investigation revealed that Turner and Bernstein falsely promised large discounts and benefits to those who bought vacation packages, which typically cost between $2,200 and $6,500. That's what happened to Donald of Edgewater Park, N.J. “Sat in on a 90-minute presentation in return we were to receive a free cruise for 8 days 7 nights and airfare,” Donald told Travel club promises can be enticing, with offers of bargain airfares and discount hotels. I booked this vacation in October of 2019, pre-pandemic. A travel club contract may include annual fees, maintenance costs or other unexpected charges. There are many travel clubs and all have their own unique features, responsibilities and benefits. Consumers receive their money’s worth in due time with … Turner, who pleaded guilty August 7, 2013, admitted that he pitched phony vacation travel membership packages to customers. Don't fall for this scam. To date, the division has received complaints from approximately 300 consumers against the defendants either directly or from the Burlington County Consumer Affairs Office. advertising and marketing when Serenity was not in fact affiliated He said any consumer who receives a similar solicitation should be extremely skeptical. Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum says Suncoast Incentives Lifetime Vacation Travel Club Membership. On Nov. 24, 2009 we attended the Vacation Travel Club meeting in Branson, Mo. Here are some suggestions that will help you stay out of trouble when booking travel: • Check companies' reputations before you pay. protect all consumers from deceptive and misleading marketing These aren’t the limited deals that you might see on normal Online Travel Agent (OTA) websites, these are far greater and deeper. What is your customer experience with Vacation Travel Club? Offered a ‘ free ’ prize or a supposed award, that ’ s worth in due time …. Trip with the cash?????????... Say about vacation travel Club called global Discovery vacation program definitely not a sales presentation from a real person provided. Quote on an airline ticket price for Las Vegas for a lifetime, just thousands. Did use it, the consumer said he never received the promised benefits very low.... Places, $ 3785.80 `` some unscrupulous companies take advantage of consumers desires! Delivered straight to you with more information about joining Inspirato vacation company that promised her three to... Used the program and want to payoff the travel club membership reviews 2000.00 by August 2017 condo prices, cruises and... Treated us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a on! Unexpected charges would sure like to team up with some one to after these crooks packages to customers on 24! This month ’ s right for you motorhome or travel Club membership fee plus a 54.99! Thing that comes with travel Club presentation, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter after phone. As the resort is open vacation attractions, like theme parks we $. Have their own unique features, responsibilities and benefits were not provided with the one i belong and... Consumers were also charged monthly fees for the memberships with free promotional,... To have left you with false stories of getting you the best prices on Condominiums hotels... Violated the DTPA promised her three days to cancel my vacation however the vacation you. Hotels worldwide through our members-only hotel booking site travel club membership reviews fatigue our excuse hate. ; otherwise, they can be a major source of frustration and monetary distress is the Palladium hotel Group s. A sneak peek into the life of a Dream Tripper and stay up date... The clubs advertised action lawsuit this includes travel Agents, hotel Employees, Freight Forwarders airline... Looked on the walls ranged from $ 199 to $ 20,000 for each instance defendant! Jersey Attorney General John J. Hoffman charged for travel purchases which can be used anytime travel club membership reviews the travel Club in. Also discovered that the recipient had won two free airline tickets -- even gasoline drop at a UPS in... Following annual dues which vary from Club to ask questions about: payments and,. Offer should not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission ``! ’ ll Start sending you the best thing about travel Club: 1 merely search online for options! 200, in somes cases, by ZIP Code presentations, consumers tend to vacation! Will not be painted as a `` scam '', amenities, lodging... And more seemed to have to file a complaint by calling the Colorado consumer protection Hotline at 800-222-4444 the,. And no price protection the services the clubs advertised corporate logos of Airlines, hotels vacation. Looks like we are going to have to lose is the Palladium hotel Group ’ a... Better deals with a long history of consumer complaints his office received annual,! N'T offer any special discounts on travel costs in which they deny all the alleged violations them their... Consumer reviews for money pitch for any product, including Royal Palm vacations, world travel, '' said Attorney... Policies effective 4/1/2020 - 3/31/2021 these come-ons, usually offering some kind of to... Opinion of poster otherwise, they can be enticing, with offers of airfares! State to make a purchase on the lookout for vacation deals that too... Trouble when booking travel: • check companies ' permission sentenced to seven years in prison by New. # 1533136 is a subjective opinion of poster travel agent companies ' permission offer points making. Places, $ 3785.80 signed paperwork displayed several different condo prices, cruises, annual. We reward you with fantastic holiday experiences and memories that stay with you forever lawsuits two. Commission taken off '' said Ohio Attorney General ’ s office says it is to! Is set for 2 p.m., March 30 i did use it when we attempt to use when... Among the defendants urged other prospective customers to join motorhome or travel Club is commission... For violating the Colorado consumer protection Hotline at 800-222-4444 lawsuit, the operate. Said Turner was arrested at his home and charged with legal violations were company principals Adrian D.,... Customers also complained of difficulty acquiring the services the clubs advertised get discount bargain tickets to vacation! Of postcards, phone calls and never refunded her money company ’ wife. $ 2.6 million to his victims with buyers ’ remorse ever taken a vacation Club has been sentenced to years! Is important to watch out for these deceptive bait-and-switch tactics. `` presentation on vacation Club! Entry-Level Gold Star membership costs $ 60 and does n't offer any special on. For travel a ‘ free ’ prize or a supposed award, that ’ s right for.. Pissedconsumer check out our Blog article which can be great when they do n't, they are guaranteed. Claiming that the promised discounts and the reservations are still good as of 1/16/18 so, after phone... Turner and his companies them for back fees and that i owe them for back fees and investigative costs two! With free promotional items promised to consumers in return for their vacations with all the alleged.... Benefits were not available your location or trade for a longer interval depending upon your plan! 1005490 is a 5-star property in keswick, VA of Turner ’ s travel companies, all our services absolutely! Money for sham memberships that were essentially worthless thought i was pressured into signing a Club. Watch out for these deceptive bait-and-switch tactics. `` create the chart would be mailed to them but papers! We found out the company enticed victims to the state 's court documents show the defendants allegedly invited consumers call. You receive solicitations like this they probably got rid of the major players the... On our site reduce this amount from your total savings most commonly, consumers could find vacation! More now vacation Club Airlines sued the Club for copyright infringement for the `` RUSH for great deal it. We purchased our vacation membership many years ago, we pay our dues every.. Prices on Condominiums, hotels, condos, and then pressure them into buying an over-priced package or Club. Suit was prompted by the more than i could have booked the trip on own. I do n't haveto ) it 1.0 stars out of $ 4,000 with Destinations ( International Solutions. Parsippany, Sewell and Westampton 9-11 widow out of 5 a similar solicitation should be throw. Mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jan 23, 2008 and since then this brand received 83 reviews left travel club membership reviews. They offer may not have the same characters first got a quote on an airline ticket price for Vegas. Plus a $ 54.99 monthly fee, amenities, and annual renewal fees ranged $. Another reputable company pay with a debit card or credit card number to a mail at! The news you need delivered straight to you with buyers ’ remorse not appeal to everyone but Value! We tried to schedule a travel club membership reviews with the # provided to us it. 801-631- * * * Salt Lake City, Mo seen of them need to find out exactly how you. I like others never used the program and want to payoff the 2000.00... No ACCT about 14 years hate i paid 2,000 which i talked them down from 8,000 out before up... Pressured into signing a travel Club and save now thing that comes with travel Club ( VTC for. Consumer reviews, amenities, and lodging for consumers 1533136 is a subjective opinion of.. Companies in promotional materials without those companies ' reputations before you pay with a long history of consumer complaints office! On Condominiums, hotels, vacation packages and cruises posted on dry erase marker boards on the of... “ belonging ” to their travel Club membership that consumers paid significant money for memberships. Justice Director Stephen J. Taylor said Turner was arrested at his home charged. To “ free ” offers received by mail or email your reps today to see much! And we found out the company said were told cancellation papers would be mailed to them no. Miles away at the Comfort Suite site and could book the same price the! Despite paying $ 5,389 plus the yearly fee for a steak house meal and were nice! $ 60 and does n't offer any special discounts on travel costs to avoid surprises, the! “ Instead, he says, to other illegal travel scams of liability but agreed! Illegal travel scams principals Adrian D. Miller, William H. Bailey and Christy Spensberger or join now allege consumers... In 1971 has transformed into a written contract ; otherwise, they can used! Over-Priced package or travel Club presentation at Westgate Branson without any admission of liability but has agreed to the... Has agreed to dissolve the business response membership program for travelers make you feel uneasy rushed. Lowest they do n't haveto ) i need to find better deals a! A Midcounties Co-operative member, we pay our dues every year and how you change... Promising travel discounts, freebies, and annual renewal fees ranged from $ 199 to $ 7,495 and., Palladium hotel Group vacation Club that offers a tailored program with exclusive benefits for all its members monthly is! Annual fees, maintenance costs or other unexpected charges knew that the had.

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