ruger gp100 trigger job

I've seen some youtube videos out there on what needs to be done, but I do not feel confident in my level of gunsmithing to take on this sort of project. Read Before Ordering. Triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot. Wilson Combat Custom-Tune Spring Kit Ruger GP100. Some guns just get the job done. I just received a trigger kit for my gp100. Forever. Thanks! ruger gp100 trigger job instructions, ruger sp101 trigger job, ruger sp101 trigger job guide, sp101 trigger job, sp101 trigger job guide, sp101 trigger job instructions, trigger job for ruger sp101. Buy the gun and cycle it a thousand times. Ordering and Payment Info. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. You can refer back to the schematic or this picture if you forget. Misc & Conversion Options. I have installed (altered, by me) a Hogue wood grip. Customers and their guns. Trigger feels great with the new springs in there, and I have not had a single FTF. I plan on replacing the trigger spring to the lightest I can get, but I don’t understand the difference in the hammer springs. Custom Lighter Ruger SP101 Spring Kit for a smooth and clean trigger pull. hammer spring in the GP100. I'm interested in buying a GP100 in 7 shot .357. Posted by 1 month ago. 1 of 2 Go to page. 1; 2; Next. I've watched YouTube videos claiming great triggers when finishing the polishing, but maybe great as in comparison to a striker fired gun? Sitting around bored today and pondering about a trigger job for my Ruger GP100 to improve the DA trigger pull. Bill Ruger’s design was notable for several features. Thread starter LazermanTexas; Start date Sep 27, 2015; Prev. Many clients report that this alone is worth the entire price of the Super Action Job! I like the gun and want to customize it. Wilson Combat Custom-Tune Spring Kit Ruger GP100 Product Family #: 1004161213; Product #: 862056 ... made from high-tensile spring wire for the finest possible action tuning jobs. Improving the trigger pull involves disassembling the revolver, sanding / polishing surfaces, installing shims, and replacing factory springs with lighter springs. The Ruger GP100 in .22LR is a quality revolver at a decent price. Ruger GP100s are reliable revolvers that are a lot of fun to shoot. Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:244. Next Last. Gp100 trigger Job suggestions. 2. Based on my experience in .22LR, I look forward to trying out the GP100 in a frequently forgotten, always outstanding self-defense caliber. 1; 2; 3; Next. Spring kit installed. Unfortunately, out of the box, the trigger pull is heavy and the trigger can be "stagy" and rough. Our Ruger Double Action Hammer and Trigger Shim Kits can be used … This type of trigger work can be performed on most revolvers, with slight variations. Reactions: sojurn87 and 12G Slug. It’s hard to believe the Ruger GP100 is 35 years old. The Wilson kit comes with mainsprings of eight, 10 and 12 pounds. I don’t plan to carry it, so fiber-optics are great for low-light home defense. hammer springs; RP 8 and 10 lb. I had a trigger job on the Ruger (about $60) and it shoots like a dream. Sep 28, 2015 #11 LazermanTexas Active Member. Ruger GP100 vs Ruger SP101. The trigger on this GP100 is perfect, so I didn't have to do a trigger-job on this one. Click to expand... so the snap caps simply smooth out the trigger over time? #246 RUGER GP100 SPRING KIT; Open Expanded View. hammer spring and had light primer strikes. Our price $9.95 Our Price: $ 9.95 ISMI Hammer and Trigger Rebound Spring Kit Ruger GP100, SP101, Super Redhawk. CCW: With a 4" gun you will need a little longer cover garment. SP101. Joined Oct 4, 2012 Messages 1,461 Likes 469 Location Das People's Republik of Taxachusetts. It has the full length underlug on the barrel, too, which I prefer on a revolver for home defense for that extra bit of weight. Ruger sells a Cabelas-only special GP100 with the MC’s high-viz sights and the old-style rosewood-and-rubber grips. It can be improved with a "trigger job". Ruger GP100 Trigger Job: Why Bother? Trigger Job on my GP100. Items For Sale. Trigger job for your Ruger GP100. Gp100 trigger Job suggestions. After having had a highly tuned GP100 for over 10 years, but with the OEM springs (because the smith, Chris Peters, was/is with Ruger, and felt compelled for liability reasons to remain with the factory springs), I finally got the Wolff Gunsprings Shooters Pack for the GP100. The 686 Single Action trigger is slightly better than the Ruger's, but both are very satisfactory on SA. The Ruger SP-101 is a great revolver, but the factory double action trigger pull can be heavy and a bit rough. Click on a term to search for related topics. Cock the hammer [61] or pull the trigger [62] half way to expose a pin hole at the bottom of the hammer strut. Discussion in 'Handguns, Pistol Shooting' started by mazer, Jun 12, 2013. mazer Registered Member. Our price $7.99 Our Price: $ 7.99 Gun Parts / Handgun Parts / Action Parts; You last purchased this product on . The idea was that it would be big enough to handle the .357 Magnum, but small enough to conceal and carry. Gun Pictures . There was poor machining on the frame where the trigger guard latch locks at. It's what I call a "Poor Boy's Trigger Job", hence the title of this article. The guy I'm buying it from has offered to do a trigger job right off the bat.

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