#100DaysOfAbleton – Days 6 and 7

I took a long break from producing experiments.  My work and family life became really busy.  Yesterday at lunch I started working on a track using some sounds from Sounds.com.  I was going to try for something Hip Hop, but did have any vocals so I turned it into an EXPERIMENT.

Below you will find EXPERIMENTS – 05 OF 52.  This uses a sub-bass that reminds me of the lowered mini-trucks from the 1980s.  This is not a complete song but a snippit only 1m30s long.  Still, the goal is to produce 52 experiments and this fits the goal.

#100DaysOfAbleton – Day 5 – Splicing Serum

In watching all the videos on how to use Ableton I realized I wanted a good external plugin for sounds.  It’s not that Ableton’s instruments aren’t good.  They are.  It’s because there are lots of presets for Serum.  

So I decided to do the small subscription for Splice, and then then $10/month rental of Serum for 19 months.  If I find I’m not using Serum I can just pause the rental.

So what did I learn today? I learned that Ableton’s Drum Bus can add some great character to your drum racks.  I especially liked the ability to add some sub-bass and tone to your kick.

#100DaysOfAbleton Challenge

Starting something new is hard.  It takes patience and perseverance.  It takes dedication.  It takes a plan.

I want to learn how to create electronic music.  I want to learn how to make electronic music better.  I have made a few pieces.  I want to be better.  Deadmau5 and Daft Punk are two that come to mind.

Last week I saw a post from FreeCodeCamp.com about a talk that Eleftheria Batsou gave on her experience with #100DaysOfCode Challenge.  I tried doing a “100 days of drawing” challenge, and made it to Day 22.  I don’t remember why I stopped other than I remember feeling blocked creatively.

I want to be better at writing, building, creating, programming electronic music.  I thought about doing a #100DaysOfAbleton to learn Ableton Live 10 better and, at the same time, learn to write music better.

I have a playlist at SoundCloud.com already called “EXPERIMENTS ## of 52”.  The idea is that after creating 52 pieces of music I will be better at creating electronic music.


Here I go.

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